What is magic?

Magic, like technology, is a tool.
— -Mercedes Lackey

Some believe magic is an energy that permeates the world.  Others say it is an innate power or exercise of will.  They would all be wrong.  Magic, like every art, is a craft with rules, initiations, and effort.  In its rawest form, magic is experienced by even the most mundane among is through evocative music, a luminous painting, or a well crafted story.  Simply put: magic is the sublimation of the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Since the advent of the sciences, the realms of emotion and imagination have been neglected, and allowed to atrophy.  They wither in the hearts of most people on the earth, lacking the prerequisite awe and wonder to move beyond the blindingly obvious to the remarkable.

Human Magic

The Children of Gramarye have not lost this ability.  They have refined it, and built their civilization upon it.

Magical arts range from the performer's stage magic (illusion, ventriloquism, puppetry) to the practical home arts of cleaning rituals.  The high arts are employed to maintain the bulwarks that keep us hidden from the Wrecca, and to keep the Skraelings under control.

While the Children of Gramarye attain our powers through study, initiation, and maintaining the covenant, the Dragons and their Ryukishi, the Giants, and the Fae, to name but a few possess their powers innately.  We have invested much study into the reasons they are inborn with magic, and we are not, but as yet, no answer has been found.  We must simply content ourselves with the mystery, and live our lives accordingly.