Warriorhood (Dracanstry)

We are the Dracans, the servants of the Dragons.  The Old Ones tell us that draco came from the Greek drakon, which itself derives from the Greek derkesthai, which means "to see clearly.”

The Dark Lords and Ladies, since the vile curse of Nyx, require your service more than ever.  Learn your craft well.

This is the earliest known reference of the Dragons as Dark Lords and Ladies (tenebris domini et dominarum).  It is important to note that this phrase was originally used to refer to the shadow of the curse of Nyx, not the Dragons’ mastery of the night.

Just as a Knight (eques) is the master of the power of the horse (equus), the Ryukishi (dracans) is the master of the pearl of the dragon (margarita draconem).  

What is the power of the pearl?

It is the same power that gives us the word Dragon, the power to see clearly the nature of the world as it is and the currents and pools of power available to us.  This is a wondrous and pure gift, and the source of all our power and strength.

Remember the tremendous and fearful mystery you awoke to as you emerged from the cocoon after receiving your pearl.  Your eyes were open for the first time to the true nature of the world.  It made you feel small and helpless. All you wanted to do is run, distracting yourself from this wonder.  This is natural.

Be brave in the face of the universe!

This bravery is the heart of the way of the Ryukishi.  It is the foundation upon which the arts are built.  The powers of the world respect no man, and if you show fear or weakness in their presence they will consume you.

Power will also arise from within you.  Do not be afraid.  Learn to subdue and sublimate these urges.  They are powers that arise from you, so they belong to you.  Do not fear your self, your nature, or your natural powers.  

A lion does not fear its own claws, teeth, or muscles, nor does it regret its nature.  It lives in accord with nature, and uses its own powers in accordance to its nature.  Others should never forget that a lion is a lion, but moreover, a lion does not forget its nature either.

The heart of the Ryukishi never relents in the face of any challenge that comes before it.  We do not give up.  We are an extension of the one whose pearl we bear.  We are their hand, face, voice, presence, and sword.  We stand the ground we must hold.  We cross the rubicons we must cross.

Do not allow these words to feed any hubris you possessed in your former life.  The hard hand will break.  A flood can only be held back until it overwhelms and crushes its obstacle.  A gentle hand toward the powers within us as well as the powers of the world will bend them without breaking.

Be gentle and appreciate all that you have.

Do not neglect your meditations, lest you risk succumbing to the dangers that surround you.