The Stone Egg From Heaven, The First Dragon

It is a matter of great debate over the veracity of the Tale of the Stone Egg from Heaven.  It is the most common story regarding the origin of the dragons, and draconics all over the world share some version of this story.

The Stone Egg from Heaven

Before our time, the cosmos swirled in a chaos of competing elements.  Fire contended with Earth, and Air with Water.  The Void hungered to consume all Life.  The Beginningless brought order, and shaped the stars, worlds, and realms to contain the struggle, but not to prevent it.  The strife brought adaptation, and adaptation, progress.

In the heavenly realm, a stone burned in primordial fire.  Its exterior was hard, but its inside was soft and soon melted.  The First Ones marveled at the stone.  It sat for eons in swirling fire and was not consumed.

They said, one to another, "Surely, if we cast the stone in water it will shatter like poorly tempered metal."

So they cast the stone into pure water.  The fire clinging to the stone fled from the water through the pores in the shell.  The water chased the fire into the heart of the stone, and the two circled in its heart, neither able to conquer the other.

The first ones were astounded.  The stone did not shatter.

Then one of them said, "Surely, if we place the stone on a wind swept plain it will be ground to dust like the mountains, and it will be destroyed."

So they placed the stone atop a high mountain in the heavenly realm, where the wind buffeted it day and night.  The eternal sun scorched it by day, and the immortal moon soothed it by night.  After many eons, the first ones returned and found the stone had merely been polished by the wind.

"It looks like an egg," Mused one of the First, "What if it is not a stone at all, but an egg that fell into the wrong realm?  We should move it to the realm of the living, and see if it hatches, since nothing can be born in heaven."

So they moved the stone to the realm of the living, and laid it on the shore of a great ocean near the center of the world.

Countless eons passed, until one day, the shell cracked open.  Air escaped from the shell, and the new born breathed it back in.  Fire issued from its mouth as it stretched out its wings under the guardian moon.

The new creature saw a rabbit running across the beach.  The new born knew it was born of water as well as fire, air, and earth, and changed into the rabbit and frolicked on the shore.

The First Ones were amazed.  The creature embrased its own nature instinctively.  It stopped at their feet, and transformed into one of them.

Fear gripped the First Ones.  This new creature was more than their equal.  They immediately named the creature, "Drakein ti nychta," which means "to see clearly at night," binding the creature and its progeny to the night.

Thus the first Dragon was born from a Stone Egg from Heaven.