The Shadows of Time

To the average person walking down the street, the world is a simple place.  There is no magic, no monsters, no shades of gray.  I've never been sure if they are the lucky ones or not.

We know that things are not so simple, especially these days.  The spirits are restless.  The skraelings are leaving the wilds more than ever.  The wyrd of the world is in flux.  I have often said, we have to study our past to discern our future.

Here are my notes about the real history of the world, so far as I have found.  I hope it helps.

(???-3000 BCE)

I am not sure if there ever really was such a thing, but every religion and culture claims the world started in a state of perfection. Well, that isn't entirely true.  The oldest wrecca stories from the Sumerians tell a different tale. 

They claim the world was born in chaos and war. I am more inclined to believe them.  There are a few stories from the time before Nyx that claim the dragons descended from Tiamat and Qingu. These sources may have fallen out of favor, and hard to get a hold of, but I am trying.

(2999 BCE-1525 BCE)

This is the first period of tales that feels to me like it might contain actual history.  The stories of Setesh are interesting, since they seem to fall in line with the stories of the Uraeus Cult, but that could just be coincidence. It is hard to prove which story came first. They could have simply appropriated the names. 

One thing I can say for sure is that the stories of Gilgamesh and Ninsun are grounded in fact. I am sure they have been augmented to make the Dark Gentry look righteous and divine, but that is how the tales have come down to us.

(1524 BCE-June 15, 763 BC)

At the moment, it is hard to say anything with any certainty. The line between myth and history is even harder to discern than with the Golden Age.

The biggest problem is actually the sheer number of conflicting stories. They cannot all be true, and more than likely, only parts of each story are true. I am trying to get my hands an a manuscript that might have some answers.

The one thing I can say for certain is that the day of Black Sun happened, June 15, 763 BCE.

(June 16, 763 BC-284 CE)

The so called Iron Age was an age of warfare and violence. It began on the Day of Black Sun and ended with the victory of Nyx in 284 CE. The battle lines were drawn between the magical communities themselves, the mages and the wrecca, and the factions within the Dark Gentry. 

In 140 CE Khenti composed the Corpus Hermeticum to give the magical communities a chance of surviving the war.

(284 CE-589 CE)

For over 300 years, Nyx ruled the night through fear and power.  She was the closest thing on record that possessed the powers of a god.  Her armies monitored the dreams and fears of the world to keep the masses in check.

Some of the older versions of her legend claim that she was the daughter of Tiamat. Other sources say she was a Titan, and not a dragon at all.  One thing that I am sure of is that she did in fact use the energy of her betrayal and death to curse the Elders so they cannot walk in the sun light.

(589 CE-1334 CE)

After the death of Nyx, the world fell into chaos again.  The giants Fritha and Scildend foresaw the coming dark ages and inquisitions, and devised a plan to save the magical world. They started work in their home kingdom of Mercia.

They traveled the world building barriers to hide the magical communities that joined their covenant from the rest of the world.  Some communities rejected the offer, others actively opposed them.

(1334 CE-1738 CE)

By 1334 CE, Dark Lord Shilin Won began his plan to rival the giants.  His plan was simple, kill off the magical and non-magical communities that would not submit to the gentry or who were deemed a threat. 

The Black Death powers also collected children from conquered cities to indoctrinate. 

Not all of the Black Death powers fell at the end of the age.

The Age of Ashes

(1738 CE- Present)

While they say that no age should have a right to name itself, I have come to use Etienne Redd's term, the Age of Ashes, to describe our current age.

Most of our recent history has been fixing or suffering from the poor choices of our ancestors.  We are truly lost in the ashes left by those who came before us. Hopefully, we will find a way out before it is too late.