By the darkmans, the sky did fall,

Astrapios fell to earth,

Lykaios alone, his name.

We hold our magic deep within, our world in shadows bound.

For those born untouched by Gramarye’s song, live deaf to its mastery;

And the hearts of men detached from the song, now say:

“Lost forever are the Sorcerer’s arts.”

How shall we live in their World with magic lost?

If they forgot us, and our wondrous arts,

Let us become their kings forever!

The Oneiroi now watch over,

The Keres, Nemesis, and Thánatos

carry out the judgement of the Oneiroi and Bless’d Nyx.

Remember her love for Epiphron, her son,

And her sweet daughter Philotes,

In these days of darkness,

we must live by the decree of Nyx.

“O children of Gramarye, in the shadows now live,

Glory left the world, and like Lykaios your throne is cast down.

Shepherd the beasts, the spirits, and your people

Keeping yourselves apart from man.

How you have fallen from Glory, O Sorcerers, the Children of Gramarye!  Your thrones have been cut down to the ground, you despoilers of nations!

Through your amity with the gods, you believed you were chosen by heaven.  You enforced your reign over the children of Pandora, saying, Chthonia, our mother is greater than yours!

Chthonia brought the gifts of wonder; Pandora the gifts of misery.

Yet you brought injustice to all you reigned, their lives counted but little.

Hide your face from them so you will be little more than a dream.  Never again will you reign over the lost’s kingdoms, never again cause injustice.

We watch and we listen, and never forget.  Take heed to our voice, and deserve not our judgement.”