The Beginner’s Guide to Human Magic

When trying to describe Human Magic, while differentiating it from the other forms of Magic in the world, I thought I would start with the wrecca definition.

“Magic is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation, ceremony, ritual, the casting of spells or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature (Wikipedia).”

Interesting how those who do not use or know Magic focus on the effect, the technique, and the notion of human control.  Wrecca life is extremely human centric, but we know we are little fish in a very big pond.

Magic is a difficult thing to explain.  The word itself has many uses and meanings.  Magic can be the method, the action, or the power behind the effect.  Some use the word itself to refer to the effect.  Complicating matters further, the answer is differs depending on the species.

No adept would ever believe that they are in control of the forces we are talking about.  While Fairies and Draconics may indeed be in control of these primal forces, but no human is.  A human controls magic in the same sense that a river controls the water.  We can focus or divert the energy, but there is no way we can control them.

The topic has to be approached carefully, so one question at a time.


Human magic the type of magic a pure blood human has access to, in other words, a human with fae or draconic parentage would be able to access powers that a pure blood human would not.

Any human can practice magic if they are able to discern the powers involved.  The wrecca and the unsotha have no access to magic because they have rejected the cultures, arts, and practices that would open them up to it.  They could be trained in the arts, and rarely have experiences that open them up to these forces.  Such people often feel that they are psychic, or touched by a higher power.  Since they are not trained, they are unable to control or master its use.

In order to discus real magic, we have to start with with basics.

Human magic has two main branches, Drycraft and Gramarye.


Drycraft is the necessary art.  In fact, it is not a single art at all.  Drycraft is a series of initiations and empowerments that allow the practitioner access to the powers of the art.  Every true mage has gone through some form of these rituals, which is why they are called drymenn.  The Sith Thyrsa is the dominate tradition in North America, but it is not the only basic empowerment tradition.

Other forms of drycraft include the initiations and empowerments practiced by the various orders and secret societies of the world, like the Secret Keepers and the Salians.