Dragon Knights

Traditional Seal of the Ryukishi

Traditional Seal of the Ryukishi

The Ryukishi are the Dragon Knights, servants of a Dragon who are made into a vampire through the gift of a Dragon’s pearl.  Ryukishi are immortal for all intents and purposes.  They are not human anymore, strictly speaking.  They are the vampires of folklore.  The product of a drymann taking in a dragon's pearl and changing into a Ryukishi. 

Should a Ryukishi have a child with a drymann, which they are not suppose to but, but well a celibate immortal is a tall order.  Their offspring is called an Erythrai after the Greek goddesses of the sunset, because they are not really human either.  They are usually forced into the the curate, and because they often possess the gift of prophecy, they become Sibyls or Prophets.  Dragon spawn were all connected, and their souls reached out to one other over vast distances.

Also known as:
    •    The Usu-ur in ancient Sumer 
    •    The Dracans in Rome
    •    The Dracan hyran in Ancient England
    •    The Quetzalcoatl and Cihuacoatl of the Aztec
    •    The Lung Xia of China
    •    The Ryukishi of Japan

Ryukishi who except the pearl before they have fully mastered their emotions must be locked within a Firehouse until they learn to control their new powers.

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