The Rise of the Black Death (1334 CE-1351 CE)

1334- Hubei Province of China, Dark Lord Shilin Won gathered his Ryukishi together to execute a plan to control tides of Magic so the mortal world would never be able to exercise control over them again.  He summoned the four dragon kings and told them his plan.  The dragons would hunt the gates to the otherworld through which the Fae enter the world, and dam them.  The dragons agreed, and set out to do their work.

As soon as the dragons left, Dark Lord Shilin Won sent his Ryukishi out to begin the slaughter of the magical community and enough mortals to make them controllable.

His agents spread far and wide, enlisting other dark lords and ladies into the cause.

1347- October

A group of Ryukishi board a fleet of Genovese trading ships that are fleeing the city of Caffa.  The inflect the cargo and kill the crew, so that by the time the ship arrives Messina, Italy, they were all dead or dying.  The local population looted the ships and carried the plagued and cursed items home.  The dark gentry of Messina joined in Shilin Won’s plan.

In the autumn, envoys from the Dark Lady of Constantinople convinced the Dark Lord of Alexandria, Egypt to join the pogrom

By the end of 1347, so did the nobles of Genoa and Venice joined as well.

1348- The gentry of Europe enlisted the local dragons, and the darkness spread over France, Spain, and Portugal.  By June, the renegade English nobles had begun the pogrom there, then Germany.

From Alexandria, Egypt, the pogrom spread to Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

1349-  Ships carried the Agents of Shilin Won to Askøy, then to Bjørgvin (Bergen), then into the rest of Norway.  The pogrom reached Antioch, Makkah, Mosul, and Bagdad.

1350- The dragons of Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands refuse to be a part of the carnage.

1351- The pogrom entered Russia.  The Dark Lord of Cairo diseased the imprisoned Kind Mujahid and his party and returned them to Yemen after the local dragons sign on to the plan.