The Way of the Ryukishi

Viam Dracanstris


Marcus Valerius Naso
Translated and Annotated by Aldrick Bower



In the original text, Valer uses the term Dracanstri as opposed to Dracans.  Dracanstri is best translated “Dragon Knighthood” rather than simply “Dragon Knight.”  In the modern vernacular, the Japanese term Ryukishi has replaced both terms.  For this translation, we have chosen to translate Dracans as servant, and Dracanstri as Ryukishi.

Dearest servants of our Dark Lord Alexander Stagira Soter, I write this to you at his pleasure to instruct you in the Way of the Ryukishi.  Those new to the pearl will still be gripped by the fear of the power flowing through them.

    Never forget, brethren, the Master from whom that power flows.  You are not your own anymore.  You are an extension of their life and soul.  You are their hand, their sword, and their power in the world.

While it is now known that the Drymann are not a separate race or species on the earth but a specific culture which through its various rites of passage opens its members up to the unseen forces of nature, Valer still believed the legend of the Blood of Qingu.

    Give thanks to the Blood of Qingu in your veins saving you from the dull shadows of the lost.  Give thanks to your Master who shared the Pearl with you.  The day is coming when the elders will return.  You, brethren, are the vanguard against the darkness.