Heart of Light (cor lucis)

Now, my brethren, I will share a secret with you.  The true power of the Ryukishi is the heart of light we develop within us.

This clear light of reality shines within and upon all things, but the Dark Lords have within them a luminous heart that pumps this energy through them like their ordinary heart pumps blood.

It was this heart Nyx struck out against when she cursed the dragons with her death curse.  She thought that depriving our lords of the light of day their hearts would fail them.  She was wrong, and cursed be her memory for all eternity.

We have come to refer to this event as the death curse, Valer called it, mortem sigillum, the death seal.  As he understood the elder’s dying act, she did not so much as curse the Dark Gentry to be bound to the night in memory of her, but sealed them to the night as a memorial that even in death they were bound to her service.

The light we speak of is not the light of the Sun, a candle, or a flame.  It is the pure essence of the world as it is.  It is the open eyes of the dragons to see this in the world that our name from them comes.  Only a vain elder could believe that the light of creation can only be found in the light of day.

The Pure Essence of the World is literally, quinta essentia mundi, the unnamable fifth essence that supersedes all others.  To better capture Valer’s intents, we have chosen to translate quintessence as pure essences, since this element is called by a myriad of different names depending on the tradition and use.

I once drew the chill from the lichens on a rock to smite an opponent.  Everything exists as it is.  To say if it is good or bad is a judgement we place upon it.  The fire of a candle is as pure as the fire of the sun.  It is only a difference in magnitude and amount.

This heart of light was born in you when you received your pearl, giving you the illuminated sight of a Ryukishi.  

In the original text, Valer refers to the illuminati, which was a common shorthand for illuminati oculos (illuminated eyes) and illuminati conspectu (illuminated sight).  The use of the single word illuminati was to help the initiate to stop seeing a difference between the eye that sees and the act of seeing itself.  In our translation, we render the intended meanings, but be mindful that most masters will still use illuminati in the manner.

Our heart always shines with the pure light of the world, but our eyes can become clouded when we loose focus or fall victim to the Veiling Power of Maya.  The illuminated eye/sight is the one clear of all obstruction: no doubt, no fear, no delusion.

Valer is referring to what he called Umbra, which is the veiling power of Maya.

In order to have the illuminated eye/sight necessary to draw on the power of the heart of light within you and the energies of the world around you, you must be free of doubt.  This sounds easier than it is.

For you to be free from doubt, you must be certain that you have cast off all bias, all delusion, and all appearances. You must see the world as it is.  Only then will you have the power you need to accomplish the great work set before you.

Remember the light you saw when you first received your pearl?  At that moment your eyes were open to the full glory of the world as it is.  You were taken off guard so you did not have a chance to guess at what you were seeing.  Free of all preconceived notions, you saw the luminous ground of being as it is.  

Over time, your mind, experiences, and instruction clouded your vision.  You must free your illuminated eyes from these clouds and the memory of that pure sight is the key to your actions.

You must renounce and rid yourself of everything in your life and mind that bars you from seeing with the illuminated eyes you have; while, a the same time training yourself to see what is truly before you.

This is the heart of your power, and without it, you might as well tear the pearl from your mouth and return to your mortal existence.