Gramarye: The Art of Human Magic

Gramarye, also called the “practical arts,” is the umbrella term used for all the magical arts practiced by Humans, though it is not uncommon for Draconics and Fae to learn the arts.  The study of gramarye is divided into numerous school, orders, and arts.  Not all forms are legal.

Are there risks and rewards for the practice of Gramarye?

This is a hard question to answer, because most drymann practice what are called the mundane arts.  For these there is little risk involved, and the reward is simply an accomplished goal.

Divination is a known risky behavior.  The trances, potions, and arts required to peer into the future bring a euphoria with them that can be addictive.  The art can also be debilitating if the practitioner becomes preoccupied with knowing the outcome of their actions before they act.

Shape shifting carried its own risks.  A botched attempt can deform the adept in unexpected ways.  Repeated transformations into the same animal can cause the individual to start retailing certain characteristics of the creature when they return to their native form.  Nerius notably gained renown as a shape shifter, but he practiced the art so often, he forgot his natural form, and eventually became unable to maintain any form for an extended period of time.

Weather control is outlawed by most nations because of the ripple effects it has on the climate.

The more powerful the spell, rite, or invocation, the more risk associated with it.

What can Gramarye do?

Most anything the adept has the empowerment for and the imagination to make happen.  Gramarye operates under 3 general laws:

    1.    Will, passion, desire, fear, and regret are vital forces that can be focused through concentration and symbols to achieve an end.
    2.    Subtle energies can be accessed through initiation and manipulated through proper use of the arts.
    3.    Sympathetic connections exist between items of like nature.  What is done to the one will affect the other.

Notable Schools of Gramarye


Uses various methods to discern future and current events.


Construct magical artifacts that channel the subtle energies of the world.


Call upon spirits and personified forces to work their art.


Pupeteers use a human accessible version of the Fairy Magic, Seidh.  The art is centered on the idea of casting threads of fate toward a target, or calling from from a target to achieve an effect.

Salian Order

The Salian Order focus their powers through an enchanted shield called an ancilia.  Their art focuses on warding, sealing, concealing, and domination.  They are the police force of the Sith Thyrsa.

Secret Keepers

Secret Keepers practices the arts of Maya, focusing on the powers of veiling, projecting, and revealing.  They are known as illusionists, and are often employed as spies.