Tales of the Golden Age

The golden age was first; when Man yet new, No rule but uncorrupted reason knew: And, with a native bent, did good pursue.
— Ovid
(???-3000 BCE)

Every religion has its own tale of the Golden Age.  All agree that it was an age of peace and near limitless expansion of soul and territory.  The particulars of the age are lost under the veneer of myth and legend.  Demigods roamed the earth, and whether they earned their powers or were born with them, no one knows. Only Dragons and Fae remember back to the golden age, and their stories differ.

The Dark Gentry tell this story about the origin of the first Dragons.  While no evidence exists to prove the story, no evidence exists to contradict it either.

The Uraeus Cults tell this alternate version of the creation of the first dragon.  It fits in with their view that anyone who practices their arts can become a dragon.