Derived from the old english drý, pronounced dru, which means magician, sorcerer, wizard, and sorcery, the word means sorcerer or magician.

Drymann, pl drymenn, is the common term members of the Sith Thyrsa, as well as other magical communities and races, use to refer to a human who possesses, practices, or uses magic, either Gramarye and/or Drycraft (rarely spelled: drýcræft).

Their society has developed in parallel with the non-magical world, occasionally overlapping when one community tried to control or eradicate the other.

Modern Drymann life is much like their non-magical counterparts with the notable exceptions that they rely primarily on steam power since Holtar (wood ore), Aeledar (fire ore), Laguar (water ore) and Gethyllar (air ore) are available to them for the production of power.

For example, they often travel by airship, train, and steamcar, while some prefer travel charms.

Are drymann good or evil?

While the Sith Thyrsa teach a rigid morality, that has not ensured the virtue of every adept.  The scimanhyra are the most famous dark wizards in history, and their name has been used by various groups throughout history.

There are few if any arts that are classified as Black Magic or Dark Arts.  The same art that gives pleasure can be used to inflict pain.  Healing arts can be used to kill.  They are two uses of the same art.  In common parlance, black magic or dark art are terms applied to dead arts that exist only in written form.

How does a drymann attain their powers?

Initiation are the most common way a drymann attains power.  Sometimes called empowerments or endowments, these rituals connect or imbue the recipient with a power than must then be honed through learning and practicing the associated craft.

Arednes is the first initiation a drymann receives.  Like a Christian baptism, Arednes takes place within 8 days of birth, and the child is welcomed into the covenant with the Giants, and becomes Sith Thyrsa.  This rite allowed them to see and be recognized my the barriers that separate the wrecca and drymann worlds.

Some initiations are passed down exclusively through families, schools, professions, and guilds.  These are generally conditional, and can be revoked if one leaves the company, or is exiled for the family, guild, or school.

There are even some initiations that the drymann can perform on themselves through the invocation of certain spirits.

The Behat is a common form of empowerment, comprised of a ritualized agreement on the part of multiple parties.  It is used by children in much the same way wrecca use "blood brothers," but is often used in business to seal deals of importance.