The Blood Tax (1383-)

Vectigal Sanguinis

The Vectigal Sanguinis, "Blood Tax," or the Paedomezema, "Collection of Children,: is the collection of commoner children by the dark gentry.  The taxation of the most promising of the children keeps the lower class weak and incapable of rebellion while building a loyal caste of administrators and warriors.  The children are referred to simply as novices and are not allowed to have family names unless their master bestows one upon them.


The Vectigal was instituted by King Sarpedon in 1383 to create a new army for the empire of Lycia.

Children with a lot of magical talent are taken from their families, and placed into academies where they are educated and formed toward the office they will one day fill.  After graduation, they are sent to their vocation.  The strongest are sent to an abbey where they will serve their Lord or Lady more closely.


The Nobuhmireh, "Young Soldiers," are the elite footman, cavalry, and bodyguards to the Gentry.  Founded in 1383 by King Sarpedon, the first king of Lycia, the Nobuhmireh are one of the most feared martial powers in the world.