What were Daniel and Castle up to?

I started working on a new story yesterday, and when I say working on, I mean writing.  For fans of The Chain, this story takes place at the same time.  Wait, what?

A Study in Shadows picks up in chapter 6 of The Chain, by retelling a pivotal scene between Daniel and Castle.  This time it is from Daniel's perspective.  That changes a lot.

I've toyed around with this story for a while.  It was in my notes as backstory to The Pearl, but I thought it would be more fun to tell the story on its own.  I was right.

In The Chain, we learn that Daniel is going to learn the arts of the Secret Keepers, and a couple chapters later, we see him using them.  I didn't include his lessons in the book because I thought it was a distraction from the rest of the story.  As its own story though, it is powerful.

Since Daniel is taking over the series in The Pearl, I thought I would share this story about his experience in The Chain so I could try out some things, and to start getting your feedback about the character.

When it is finished, I will give the story away for free to all the subscribers to my newsletter.  If you are not already one of them, sign up:

If you would like to be a part of testing and perfecting the story, follow me on social media.  I will be sharing links to drafts.

I am so excited to be back in the world of the Dragons of Night.  Have the fun.