In the Light of the Moon

Moonlight by C E Dorsett

Alone again on Valentine's Day, Sirel goes into the wilds to camp, and encounters the Moon Spirit, who challenges her to embrace her nature; but as her wings rise in the moonlight and her desire to take her ex boyfriend's heart grows too strong, she must learn the price of love is sacrifice, before she casts her shadow over him to feed on his heart.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

To celebrate, I wrote a new story, "In the Light of the Moon," and I am giving it to you for free as thank you for all your help and support.

This is the first new story I wrote with your feedback on our Branch Group and Wattpad.  You made this story better than I ever could have alone.

If you didn't participate in the discussion, and want to get involved, join us.  We are stronger together. 

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