What were Daniel and Castle up to?

I started working on a new story yesterday, and when I say working on, I mean writing.  For fans of The Chain, this story takes place at the same time.  Wait, what?

A Study in Shadows picks up in chapter 6 of The Chain, by retelling a pivotal scene between Daniel and Castle.  This time it is from Daniel's perspective.  That changes a lot.

I've toyed around with this story for a while.  It was in my notes as backstory to The Pearl, but I thought it would be more fun to tell the story on its own.  I was right.

In The Chain, we learn that Daniel is going to learn the arts of the Secret Keepers, and a couple chapters later, we see him using them.  I didn't include his lessons in the book because I thought it was a distraction from the rest of the story.  As its own story though, it is powerful.

Since Daniel is taking over the series in The Pearl, I thought I would share this story about his experience in The Chain so I could try out some things, and to start getting your feedback about the character.

When it is finished, I will give the story away for free to all the subscribers to my newsletter.  If you are not already one of them, sign up:

If you would like to be a part of testing and perfecting the story, follow me on social media.  I will be sharing links to drafts.

I am so excited to be back in the world of the Dragons of Night.  Have the fun.

In the Light of the Moon

In the Light of the Moon

I wrote a free Valentine's Day story for you all.  I hope you enjoy it.

Alone again on Valentine's Day, Sirel goes into the wilds to camp, and encounters the Moon Spirit, who challenges her to embrace her nature; but as her wings rise in the moonlight and her desire to take her ex boyfriend's heart grows too strong, she must learn the price of love is sacrifice, before she casts her shadow over him to feed on his heart.