Ar (Elemental Ore)

Ar is a magically purified magical ore distilled into the elemental qualities of the material itself.  Ar is used in potintions, enchanted items, ritual, and spell magic.

Aeledar (fire ore)

Aeledar (pronounced: isle-eh-dar) is ritually drawn from flames, lava, and sunlight through various blade rituals.

It is used to imbue the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion.  It has the ability to consume and destroy, but also to create and reveal.

Laguar (water ore)

Laguar (pronounced: lag-oo-ar) is ritually drawn from twilight dew, and natural bodied of water through various chalice rituals.

It is used to imbue the qualities of emotion, depth, sympathy, empathy, imagination and intuition.  It has the ability to invoke sentiment, illusion, distraction, and irrationality.

Gethyllar (air ore)

Gethyllar (pronounced: geth-ih-lar) is ritually drawn from the air through various wand rituals.  Gethyllar is also utillitized in various martial arts and feng shui.  in these practices, it is known as Chi or Ki.

It is used to imbue the qualities of kindness, coldness, intellect, communication, sociability, insensitivity, and helpfulness.

Hrusanar (earth ore)

Hrusanar (pronouned: roo-sah-nar) is ritually drawn from stone through various staff rituals.

It used to imbue the qualities of heaviness, matteriality, sensuality, strength, and fertility.

Clutar (metal ore)

Clutar (pronounced: kloo-tar) is ritually drawn from metal through various hammer rituals.

It is used to imbue the qualities of firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength, determination, control, ambition, force, self-reliance, organization, and stability.

Holtar (wood ore)

Holtar (pronounced: hole-tar) is created through various lengthy rituals involving Laguar and Hrusanar.

It is used to imbue the qualities of strength, flexibility, warmth (as opposed to heat), generosity, co-operation, idealism, growth, expansion, sensuality, and fecundity.