The Age of Giants

The Giants organize the Magical World under a new covenant to prevent them from being wiped out through internal squabbles and Wrecca pogroms.

(589 CE-1334 CE)

Rise of the Sith Thyrsa (589 CE-601 CE)

After the collapse of Nyx's empire, and the rise of Justinian I in Byzantium, the Giants Fritha and Scildend enlisted the aid of King Creoda of Mercia and many Dragons who were tired of the wars to begin a new order, the Se Sith thara Thyrsa [the path (out of this world) of the giants].  More about this is in the Tale of Fritha and Scildend.

The Word Upir used for the Ryukishi for the first Time (1047 CE)

The Word Upir is recorded for the first time to describe a Ryukishi.