Magic is real. In fact, most of the myths and legends you heard growing up are true, just probably not the exact way you heard them. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying the world is crawling with Gods, Angels, and Demons. Nothing is invulnerable, and if hit hard enough, anything can die.

Adepts walk the streets by our sides, just out of view, and sometimes in plain sight. What better why to hide than right out in the open. When I say hide, it is important for you to understand that they are not hiding from us. We have been exiled from their world.

Just before the dark ages, they withdrew from the world and built their own, parallel to ours. They call us the Wrecca, the exiled.
— Ray Loudon’s Conspiracy Blog before his Arrest

This is why we have to be careful.  The Wrecca do not understand or teach their banishment.  They either pretend we never existed, or covet the powers they don’t understand.

Our Covenant, like those of the other nations, is the honor and duty of every drymann to uphold.  It is the source of our life and our power.  The Seelie Court of the Fae, the Dark Gentry of the Dragons of Night, the Giants, and the spirits of the Earth gifted their power to the world, only to watch humanity use it for conquest and war.  We are more than weapons and trinkets to gain advantage over others.

The Dark Gentry and the Salians enforce the covenant.  While no one would say that all of us are purely altruistic and benevolent in all our actions and motivations, we are beyond the base materialistic concerns of the Wrecca.  When you have all the mysteries of the cosmos to explore, what good is wealth and mere parcels of land?  

True, the nights are full of shadows, but together, we can stand against any terror.

Enter the World of Dragons of Night: